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10 March 2012 @ 05:17 pm
One-shot: No One Else  

Title: No One Else
Rating: Teen (mature themes)
Summary: He won’t give in and tell them that someone else was there, witnessing something they weren’t allowed to see – weren’t allowed to know about.

“There are no other witnesses, just us two.” He sucked his lip, looking up at the taller man, nerves wracked through his body as he said the words – the lies. It was forbidden to lie to someone in a superior position; an adult, and at only sixteen, Aston didn’t fit into that category. He was in the position of an intern at the hospital, clearing up the litres of blood that were spilt on a daily basis. It wasn’t a hospital in the normal sense – it was never used to treat people. It was to euthanize people; and never would they be euthanized in a kind manner.

To die in this day and age, you had to beg for it. Suffer and beg.

“Clean it up,” The voice spat at him, rough as the voices of the guards usually were. Aston was thrown a bottle of bleach and a packet of cloths. He looked at the defenseless woman in front of him and sighed. Technically, he wasn’t supposed to see women – he wasn’t allowed to be anywhere near them until he was eighteen and assigned a wife if he was one of the boys that got promoted from their menial jobs as a cleaner. Children from a young age were segregated. From the parents, from their siblings. They were only put in their groups. Aston, unlike a lot of the children was one of the more fortunate. He had been told he had a rich background, he would be one of the lucky ones that would get somewhere in this backwards society. He would become a guard, maybe even later on in life he would become part of the government.

He looked at the young boy that he was working with earlier, he caught his name when the boy was being briefed, Tony. He was a younger boy, working in the hospitals that usually meant that he was like Aston, rich. They weren’t allowed to divulge their names. It was forbidden.

“You clean up the floor, I’ll clean her up,” Aston said firmly. Although he was a superior in this world – a chess piece, he was able to get the authority of anyone. It was in his blood. The boy nodded simply and got on with washing the blood and other grime from the floor, to try and restore it to the perfect white that it was expected to be.

Aston grabbed a dish of lukewarm water; he found a flannel and started to wipe the woman down slowly, apologizing every time he touched her. To touch a woman was something that was never allowed, only when you had been married for longer than three months. In this circumstance, it was allowed. Though, she was caked in blood, Aston had never felt skin this soft. He had never seen a woman before. She had bright green eyes, soft pale skin and rich black hair.

“Why didn’t you tell about the other boy?” She said in a hushed tone, cradling bloody blankets in her arms, a silent dirty baby laying there. Aston didn’t answer, he couldn’t. He didn’t want anyone to hear that he had protected the boy, his friend, Samuel. He didn’t want to tell anyone that he was here with him, that they weren’t actually working, and they were doing something that would mean execution. Public execution.

The young boy looked up at them; his eyes were the brightest of blue. It was a trait that was found in all of the boys that lived in the same quarters as Aston did. He sucked his lip, in something of confusion and laid his eyes onto Aston’s, never looking at the woman. It was a brief moment, their eyes connected and Aston knew that he had the boy’s complete trust, his word that nothing would be said about the altercation.

He continued cleaning the woman up, placing towels over her lower body, looking satisfied that she was clean. He looked at the small child and bit his lip.

“May I? I need to get him cleaned.” He hesitantly moved up the bed and opened his arms for her to place the small infant in his arms. She did after a moment, and Aston grabbed a clean dish of water and sat the baby in it, washing him delicately, singing in an old tone he had heard some of the older boys sing to the younger boys when they were having nightmares. He wrapped him in a fresh towel and handed him back. He didn’t know what was going to happen next. He just hoped that the boy would be looked after, and so would its mother.

The guard marched back in and inspected the handy work of the two boys. He raised his eyebrow and nodded, satisfied with both of their work. He looked at Aston and grabbed him by the shoulder tightly. He didn’t complain, he didn’t writhe under him like he wanted to. He let himself be dragged out of the room, away from the woman and the two young boys. He was escorted down to the basements, fear rippled through him as he was taken away. He was thrown against a wall; the guard twisted his arm behind his back and pressed him against the wall.

“I always catch a liar,” he snarls, his knee meeting the small of Aston’s back. He screamed out in pain as he slid down the wall.

“Tell me again, who else was there?” He growled.

Aston let out a weak sob and bit his lip. He couldn’t give in; he wouldn’t, no matter what his punishment was.

“I told you, sir. There was no one else, just us two.” He closed his eyes, waiting for the next blow. It would be hard.

He wouldn’t let him know there was anybody else.