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18 March 2012 @ 12:45 pm
Le Cinéma De Mort  

Title: Le Cinéma De Mort - Prologue
Summary: Four film students embark on a trip to the cinema – nothing unusual, except this time, the concierge doesn’t know about the film they are showing. What is weirder is the effects that are being used. They’ve stepped into a viewing of hell. Will they get out? Or is the admissions no return?
Authors Notes: Everything here is my own creation, completely original. Characters, plot and words.

Struggling against strong arms felt impossible. There was no escaping this. They couldn’t even scream out and to whom? The people in the rows in front of them? The ones that were idly taken in by the show they were watching. The leather gloves shoved firmly on their faces, over their mouths. The two males were struggling more. But she couldn’t struggle any if at all. The hand was gripped tighter over her mouth than the others, the hand bigger than her dainty face, blocking off breathing through her nose. She reached both hands out for those either side of her – they felt so far away. Her whole body was breaking out into a sweat, her pupils dilating, her body falling limp as she struggled for more air. She couldn’t breathe. Her body slowed and stopped.

Both boys attention was being forced on the girl on the stage. They wanted to help. They were powerless against the force of the arms holding them down. An extra pair of hands on the strongest. Their heads being held in place.  The cloaked figure in front of them, turned to face them, a green glow in the dark mask on his face, they reminded the boys of the ones they used when in high school drama. He showed a small dagger, pricking it against his gloved hands, he turned back to the girl and the boys resumed their struggling.

They watched as he twisted the blade roughly in the inside of her elbow, she writhed and moaned in pain, it was repeated on her right arm, she screamed out loudly. Two more joined in the assault of her arms, scraping the knives down her arms slowly, roughly. She screamed louder, panting, trying to break free of the restraints that held her frail arms down.

A larger man, the leader, wearing the glow in the dark mask sat on her stomach, blocking her face from view.

The audience watched in disbelief. This had been the first time anything like this had happened, in a cinema, live. Half way through a screening. Some felt sick watching and others thought of how great the effects were. Only three of the audience members knew that this was no pretend show; the three audience members were being restrained in their seats, helpless, watching their best friend be mutilated...